Since 1987, the 20th anniversary of the Monterey International Pop Festival, The Monterey Pop Festival Foundation felt it was important to document the mid-June 1967 Monterey moment.

Many of the recording artists, producers and directors who appeared at the landmark event contributed to an ongoing oral history to acknowledge a turning point for contemporary music and a new shift in pop culture.

In addition, one of the elements that helped create the magic of Monterey was the audience. We taped comments and reflections from some of those whose lives were also informed and shaped by June 16, 17 and 18th of 1967.

As we now celebrate the 45th anniversary of Monterey Pop, we felt this special occasion needed a further and deeper documentation and we’ve now expanded and prepared a two-hour audio documentary combining available musical performances, unheard recordings and seminal voices from that epic 1967 weekend.

Some participants sadly are no longer physically with us but their reflections and observations on Monterey can thankfully be heard again.